Location: Juliets bedroom Time: wednesday morning Characters: Nurse, Lady capulet, Capulet, Paris, Friar Lawrence, Musicians 1 2, Peter Events: The Capulet family finds out that Juliet is dead and they freak out. Quote:” Pray you put up your dagger, and put out your wit”.

Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell Time: Tuesday Characters: Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Paris Events: Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris even though all her family wants her to but friar lawrence has a plan to prevent Juliet from marrying him. The plan involves juliet taking a drink of a special potion which makes her loom dead for […]

Location: Juliet’s bedroom Time: Very early tuesday morning Characters: Juliet, Lady Capulet, Nurse, Capulet Events: Romeo has finished his time with juliet and now has to leave for his banishment.Juliet’s parents try to convince juliet to marry Paris but she tries to argue with them as she does not want to. Quote: “If all else […]

Location: Friar lawrence cell Time: Monday night Characters: Friar Lawrence, Romeo, Nurse Events: Romeo says he would rather be dead than banished. Then Friar Lawrence and Romeo start to make a plan to get him un banished and friar lawrence is going to try  to change the princes mind. Then the nurse comes in to […]

Location: Street in Verona Time: Monday afternoon Characters: Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, Tybalt, Officer, Lady Capulet, Prince Events:After the wedding of Romeo and Juliet, a street brawl in Verona takes place between Mercutio and Tybalt and Romeo tries to stop it by standing in the middle but Tybalt uses that to his advantage and stabs Mercutio […]

Location: Capulet’s house Time: Monday Midday Characters: Juliet, Nurse Events: Juliet wants to know if Romeo wants to get married but Nurse is delaying and whining about her back and how she is in so much pain which frustrates Juliet even more Quote:”

Location: A street in Verona Characters: Mercutio, Benvolio, Romeo, Nurse, Peter Time: Midday Monday Events: Romeo and Mercutio have banter with each other which shows they are good friends then the nurse arrives to see if Romeo has arranged for the marriage that day and he has. Quote:”Why then is my pump well flowered”.

Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell Characters: Friar Lawrence, Romeo Time: Monday morning Events: Romeo wants Friar Lawrence to give consent to marry Juliet that day. Friar Lawrence says to Romeo he can still see the dried tears over Rosaline from the day before and now romeo had moved on from her to Juliet. Quote:” Young men’s love then lies not […]

Location: Capulet’s orchard Characters: Romeo, Juliet, Nurse Time: Sunday night Events: Romeo hides in the orchard while Juliet speaks her feelings without Romeo knowing and then Romeo speaks up after hearing everything and confesses his love for her and her love for him. Quote:”Leaving you is a thousand times worse than being near you.”

Location: Capulet’s orchard Characters: Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio Time: Late sunday night Events: Romeo runs away and Mercutio and Benvolio are trying to get him to come back. Mercutio tries to bait him out by talking about Rosalind but doesn’t know that he doesn’t like her. Eventually they leave Romeo alone as he doesn’t come out to them. Quote: […]