1st August 2018

future story

THUD,THUD,THUD. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I had never been this nervous in my life. All my training had built up to this moment and i knew i would do good but once again my severe stage fright shuts down my confidence. The parallel white lines stretch out 100 metres in front leading the course that the sprinters would take. Turning my head to the left i fell a fresh brisk of cold air on my face re-assuring me a little as i look down the rows to see usain bolt preparing for another dub. it was then that i lost it. Seeing all the cheering faces gazing upon me. I couldn’t… i simply couldn’t. So that night i ran. I didn’t stop running until the stadium lights were far behind me. Finally i heard the noise i was waiting to hear… The sirens of the police. They were closing in on me fast so i knew i had to hide, but the streets of Japan proved scarce of a vacant hiding spot. The whir of the choppers flew past me shining their massive spot lights on my face. About 20 metres ahead i spot a confined little alleyway perfect for losing the choppers in. This was my first time in Japan so the streets and buildings were all knew to me. if only the new law of not participating in an event you signed up for was now illegal i would have been fine. The 2020 olympics turned into a disaster all because of one man…Me. Now wandering into the dark alleyway i feel a shiver crawl up my spine that i was being watched. No matter how bad i wanted to leave that alley, i knew i would be imprisoned for sure so i stayed, waiting for the night to pass. It was then when i felt a pair of rugged hands snatch me. I woke up 2 weeks later with a throbbing head and in some strangers bed. The last thing i remember was the sirens screeching in the background in desperate search for me. The constant thoughts of what had happened made my head throb but the thing that i was most worried about was that i was now a fugitive from the law hiding in some random guys house The memory was blurred with the constant throb of my head. The footsteps interrupted my thinking and on instinct, i decided to fake asleep like they do in all the movies. As the door swung open i caught a quick glimpse of the character who was wearing a black leather trench coat and some heavy duty work boots. He took a quick glance at me still in bed and left the room. I knew i had to escape somehow but all the windows were bolted to the sill. The only possible way was to get out through the front door.

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